The colour saffron refers in the context of India to the right-wing Hindu nationalist movement (Hindutva). India has a long history of discrimination against many communities, among them transgender people. At the same time, transgenders are a trendy attraction for research scholars. But do they genuinely approach this topic politically or just romantically? Let’s discuss some inside perspectives of a transgender activist from India and gain some insight into the resistance movement against the saffronization of transgenders in India.

Living Smile Vidya, as Smiley, is an Indian transgender and theatre activist, hospital clown, essay writer, poet, sketch artist and now currently asylum seeker in Switzerland. She has been involved in theatre since 2004 and holds a masters degree in Applied Linguistics from Tamil University Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Her latest performance work with a Swiss team “Ef_femininity” has been staged 10 times. Smiley received the Charles Wallace Award in 2013 from the British Council for her excellence in theatre.